The Disability Data Initiative is made possible by a team of researchers from different disciplinary and regional backgrounds.

Pavani Saikam

South Asia research assistant

David Vicente Alvarez

Europe and Central Asia research assistant

Bradley Carpenter

Sub-Saharan Africa research fellow

Gustavo Cedeño Ocampo

Latin America and the Caribbean research assistant

Jill Hanass-Hancok

Sub-Saharan Africa coordinator

Sureshkumar Kamalakannan

South Asia research fellow

Sophie Mitra

Principal investigator

GVS Murthy

South Asia coordinator

Michael Palmer

East Asia and Pacific Coordinator

Monica Pinilla-Roncancio

Latin America and the Caribbean coordinator

Douglas Teodoro

Europe and Central Asia research fellow

Katherine Theiss

Research fellow

Kaviyarasan Patchaiappan

South Asia Data Analyst

Minerva Rivas Velarde

Europe and Central Asia coordinator